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Order Here and get it within the hour. We take all forms of payment, but NO Cash!Β 

There’s No Limit on orders, within reason. We run between the hours of 6:00 am to 2 am.Β 

For just $30 dollars a drop, you can get your favorite adult beverage delivered to your steps.


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Partial Refund information

Partial Refund For Orders. Information!

We do not sell alcohol, we provide the delivery service for your adult beverages.

What we do is, we take your order and freeze the amount to cover the order you made on our site.Β 

If your order is less than the prices on our site (which we will be updating prices to reflect the stores we use, over time.) You will get a “Partial Refund” for your order.

And if you do not have enough to cover the items, Liquor Drop will make contact to see if you would like to still purchase the items and the total cost and will update cart and charges.

We charge a surcharge for the use of “Stripe” (2.9%), admin (2.1%) and $30.00 Delivery Charge (Between 6am – 12am.) and $50.00 after 12:01am to 2am.

  1. So, we do not sell alcohol, we are a delivery service.

  2. We do take payment for the order to be able to cover the order you place with us.

  3. Prices are always the stores we use prices and we do not mark-up or change charges of the Alcohol, when you order through us. (We Provide Receipt.)

  4. Your personal bank information is private and is only available to Stripe and Our Banks.Β 

  5. 100% Money Back Guarantee on Cancelled Orders, before store run.

Liquor Drop, is here to help you keep your party going and you, your family and your guest safe, by providing Adult Beverage Delivery Services to your Residents. Give us a try today and place your order and get it within the hour.

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