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It is totally Legal to use “Liquor Drop.” Liquor Drop doesn’t resell alcohol nor do we change prices, which is Illegal. We simply offer Free Online Marketing and Free Delivery Service for the Store.

We simply provide online marketing for liquor stores, wineries and breweries at no cost to you for set up, or delivery services.

We do not change prices or earn money on the sells of the Establishment Products, so there is no violation of any liquor licence.

In fact you can check out this passage “Senate Bill 254  stops short of requiring “delivery network services” from obtaining a license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“ABC”), but does require that the ABC review and approve of their “system” before they engage in alcohol deliveries.  The delivery services company’s “system” would have to meet certain criteria, including ensuring that consumers and delivery personnel were over age 21.  Also SB 254 would also prevent delivery network services from delivering to locations on college or university campuses.”

You can check out this link here on “Liquor Delivery” Services in California Here.

It is completely Legal in the State of California and will soon be across our Country, due to the Covid-19 and all of us, having to change the way we get your product to the customer.

Well as we all know, due to the “Corona Virus” we all have been on this lock down, to combat this dangerous virus and with that many people are choosing and go to the deliver service to residents and businesses.

We offer a delivery service to your store for free and we provide online marketing, by building you an online store, reflecting your store prices (Free). (Which are apart of being a legal alcohol delivery service.) 

The store, can potentially increase sells of over 200% or more, all while letting us do all the work for you free of charge, but for a small Monthly Fee of 20% of all Sells generated through our website, Liquor Drop. 

  • Store’s can Cancel Anytime
  • We do All the Work to get your product online
  • Sells go straight to your account, using a POS System.
  • More Exposure Equals More Sells and Increased Revenue

Liquor Drop and it’s “Drop Drivers” go through training from the ABC Here and provide the Drivers with an app to verify all customers ages during drop off and the debit/credit card verified of the person who placed order has to match.

On the Liquor Drop website, the customer is asked to verify age as well, along with same name on CC/Debit Card.

So, We take the appropriate legal route when it comes to delivering Adult Beverages to Customers. 

Our goal is to help reduce DUI and most of all Death through Drunk Drivers. So we are committed in verifying everyone’s age, when offering such a service. 

The stores will be paid like any other transaction, immediately during purchase. We use a POS System to complete transactions and can connect to your system to transfer pay.

We are also incorporating G-Pay and Apple-Pay Apps in the Customer Profile to make the purchases with. 

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